Running: Endurance

For all runners, fatigue is the greatest problem. Oxygen depletion coupled with an increase in lactic acid causes muscles to tire, fire at a slower pace, and limit long workouts. EnergyDNA® gives runners the endurance they need. By utilizing the mineral properties in our yarn, the body is able to reabsorb the thermo energy that is naturally generated in the form of heat. Recycling this energy opens blood capillaries, clinically proving to pump more oxygen to the muscles and limiting fatigue. More Americans are running now than ever before, and energyDNA® delivers the edge they need to get the most out of their workouts.

Football: Speed, Strength, Power

For these modern day gladiators who take the field of battle every week, speed, strength, and power are of the utmost importance. Only one step separates the good from the great and the great from the elite. It's essential to a football player’s performance on the field that they every possible edge over their competition. EnergyDNA® gives that extra edge by delivering more oxygen to muscle tissue and boosting blood flow. The thermo energy emitted through energyDNA® enhances muscle elasticity, reducing the threat of muscle strains or tears and delivering optimal performance on the field. Our goal is for your body to perform the same in the 4th quarter as it does in the 1st.

Soccer: Endurance, Agility, Coordination

Soccer requires pinpoint accuracy, from close and long range, to beat the defender, deliver the perfect pass, or score the game-winning goal. This hand eye coordination is mandatory and requires players to be sharp both mentally and physically. Additionally, soccer players have to run 6-7 miles per game, which is a huge task of endurance. If the athlete is mentally fatigued the brain cannot deliver the proper message to the body to execute the pass or shot successfully. EnergyDNA® delivers oxygen to both the brain and muscles making sure the body can not only last much longer, but also is communicating and acting in unison.

Basketball: Endurance, Quickness, Agility

A basketball player’s sheer size, speed, and leaping abilities put them in a class of their own. This mandates the athlete to rely heavily on their agility and capability to stay limber. The aggression of cutting through the lane and dunking over a defender or lifting for a shot exudes a great deal of energy and explosion on the muscles, particularly in the legs. EnergyDNA® enables thermo energy to recycle back to the body and pump more oxygen to the muscles. This translates into increased endurance and agility late in the game giving basketball players the "fresh legs" they need in the last 5 minutes of the 4th quarter to connect on the shots that matter most.

Yoga: Strength, Flexibility, Mental Acuity

Yoga is an excellent workout for the body, but many argue it is just as effective, if not more focused on one's mind. Being able to find the perfect balance between body and mind is the essence of a yoga work out. EnergyDNA® not only provides physical performance benefits, but mental rewards as well. Fatigue tires the brain just as much as the body. EnergyDNA® increases oxygen levels to the muscles, improving flexibility, as well as brain, fighting off fatigue so it can stay in sync with the body. For yoga this is especially important and reason enough every yogee should use energyDNA® to achieve their inner chee.

X-Training: All the above

X-Training is the way any athlete trains for his or her sport, a beautiful mix of different exercises and routines. For those athletes who take their training above and beyond this is where energyDNA® will help the most. Often made of a combination of weight training, cardio, mixed martial arts, and fieldwork, the harder you work the more energyDNA® will give back. If you participate in x-training, your body demands the benefits delivered by energyDNA®. The technology enables the athletes to train longer and recover quicker. EnergyDNA® makes the difference, so you can finish first.